Mastering Transformation

Mastering Transformation


A masterful life looks like ease in going about life and interacting with people and the world. How does it happen?

When Western thinkers hear the word mastery, generally, what comes to mind is that you are supposed to be totally in control. But there are other ways to look at the phenomenon.

On being in control, the lay person invokes a sort of ego-oriented type of control, or having personal power over something. But another view comes from having control within oneself as one goes through the world. It focuses on how you can effectively participate in the world so you are in harmony with your environment and being the context that allows you to experience the reality that you want in the world.

Mastery recognizes that what you want already exists. What ever is missing for you is a matter of what is missing within you; and what is present for you is consistent with what is present within you. The adddage of where you come from is where you are going is to say that the context of your character is a measure of the content in your reality. In mastery, one see the world as a relational phenomenon between how you are being in the world and how the world occurs for you as manifestation.

Mastery does not mean that we are free of upset? Upsets are relative. They depend on your perspective. You can shift your perspective from one view to another, and cause for yourself a different experience.

One could say that the world is perfect as it is. Given where you are coming from, given where others are coming from, and given the relationship that you have, the world is always perfect. It is an evolving world. It’s not a good world, it’s not a bad world, it’s not the right world, or the wrong world, it’s just you’ve got what you’ve got. The master takes life on its own terms — neither victim nor victor. Neutral. The eyes of the beholder is the key to one’s plight or bliss. The stance one takes regarding anything determines how one navigates one’s own existence and quality of life.

This audio session is a forum on states of being. It includes talks on “neutrality”, “ownership”, “non-attachment”, “being present”, “interpretation”, “vision”, and “manifestation”, to name a few.

CD Playlist

  1. Introduction
  2. Mastery
  3. Harmonious
  4. Upsets
  5. Better
  6. Responding
  7. Conversations
  8. Survival Conversation
  9. Creative Conversation
  10. Timeless Nature
  11. Unreasonableness
  12. Next Step
  13. Personal Beliefs
  14. A Masterful Life
  15. A Different Approach
  16. Discovery
  17. The Chart
  18. Manifestation
  19. Conclusion
  20. Information

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