Living Transformation

Living Transformation


When you transform you have a sense of possibility that you didn’t have before. Now what?

Prior to transformation work, the general public tends to drift down the river of life in a survival state of consciousness. In this “world view” we live among people, but not totally connected. With a concern for survival of our world view, we compromise our integrity and do not clearly think for ourselves. Our clarity gets refracted by the concern for safety, looking good, conrol, and being right. Personal survival concerns separate us from other people, because our need is to play the game of life to survive and to get acceptance. It drives us internally in spite of our genuine feelings for other people. It causes a me-me-me-me-me focus.

When one is Living Transformation, the focus is more inclusive — ecological. One tends to feel that I’m not alone. My well-being is in relationship with others. Interpersonal interests prevail. Our common humanity become the prominent values in life. Who I am and who you are, and who we are as human beings at a much deeper level become important. Our bliss is connection and living, rather than separation and survival.

The interpersonal experience becomes sacred and it becomes the means by which one achieves maximum value. Some of the fundamental values and “success habits” discussed in these dialogues include “commitment”, “surrender”, “responsibility”, “possibility”, “choice”, “intention”, and more.

CD Playlist

  1. Introduction
  2. Possibilities
  3. Choice
  4. Declaration
  5. Commitment
  6. Evidence
  7. Intention
  8. Surrender
  9. Responsibility
  10. Integrity
  11. Participation
  12. Trust
  13. Information

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