Heroes Circle Webinar With Dr. Ray Blanchard

DATE: July 12 (Tuesday)



Join Dr. Ray Blanchard and special guests, Sandra & Daniel Biskind, to engage in this profound conversation that can alter the landscape of your life and provide a compass for navigating it.

  • Some people think of integrity as honesty; others think of it as fairness. Then there are those who see it as firm adherence to a code of conduct, which can lead to either conformity or a moral judgement. While all of those views may be adequate for monitoring one's values and morality, we invite you to engage in an understanding of universal law as a way to guide your life to raise your consciousness for self-transformation and success.
  • Starting with the premise that you are whole, perfect, and complete, the question is how to be impeccable with the Word and vibrate at a frequency that generates what you want with no unintended side effects.

Ray Blanchard

Lifestyle Architect. Dr. Ray Blanchard is a leading trainer, seminar designer, corporate consultant, and founder of BLANCHARD CONSULTING GROUP, LLC. He is a partner in Transformational Media Group, and he is Co-Executive Producer of the movie THE ANSWER To Absolutely Everything.

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