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Are you in tune with the ravages of cold capitalism— where the disadvantaged suffer, leaving the world gasping for breath and life?

Cold capitalism is about "me, me, me," a model of control, authority, superiority, and the "haves-and-have-nots." World unrest verifies this does not work for the 21st Century.

Honoring our interconnectedness is the key to a new world that works for everyone. Bridging our deeper, inner awareness with our outer profit games is possible. Prophets of profit can be a new paradigm.

That involves commitment to mutually beneficial partnership with the whole community. Aligning with the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis on consciousness for the new age, care for our common interest in our world, our sacred bond, health, welfare, environment, and dignity of every individual is the goal we must give our intention and attention to.

Partnership on a planetary level and contribution to our common interests is the secret to our future.

Join Dr. Ray Blanchard with special guest, best selling author, transformational leader, and corporate culture master, Blaine Bartlett. You will receive his new book, the #1 international bestseller Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey to the Soul of Business, for FREE for attending this important webinar.

Ray Blanchard

Lifestyle Architect. Dr. Ray Blanchard is a leading trainer, seminar designer, corporate consultant, and founder of BLANCHARD CONSULTING GROUP, LLC. He is a partner in Transformational Media Group, and he is Co-Executive Producer of the movie THE ANSWER To Absolutely Everything.

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