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Compassionate Capitalism – The Heroes Circle

Are you in tune with the ravages of cold capitalism— where the disadvantaged suffer, leaving the world gasping for breath and life?Cold capitalism is about “me, me, me,” a model of control, authority, superiority, and the “haves-and-have-nots.” World unrest verifies this does not work for the 21st Century.Honoring our interconnectedness is the key to a […]

Heroes Circle Webinar With Dr. Ray Blanchard

DATE: July 12 (Tuesday)TIME: 5:00 PM PSTINTEGRITY: BEING IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORDJoin Dr. Ray Blanchard and special guests, Sandra & Daniel Biskind, to engage in this profound conversation that can alter the landscape of your life and provide a compass for navigating it. Some people think of integrity as honesty; others think of it as fairness. […]