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The ONE AND ALL Leadership Team

One And ALL is a symphony of Breath, Spirit, Being, and Voice

The gifts and expressions of 5 close initiates convened in partnership. With exuberant joy, we vowed to support the one voice we all share, and to open the pathway for what it is destined to say through us as team. Our commitment and conviction is towards the highest mastery in spirit evolution for all concerned. We sharpen our minds by continuing to learn and staying connected through compassion and serving.

We value learning and expanding ourselves, and we deeply desire to empower others to do the same. In that light, we realize there is a deep hunger and yearning for spiritual inspiration and support. Thus, we choose to take on that charge. Everyone expands and thrives.

There are two fundamental ways we grow:

‘Something new comes into our life – or – Something new comes out of us’

Ideally, we are all doing both in our commitment to “Winning the Game of Life.”

By continuous learning and growing in spirit, we can create a global movement in the work we love, that of elevating ourselves to a higher vibration and virtuoso performances. Ultimately, we intend to:

  • Enhance the Quality of Life for the Community
  • Use the phenomenon of Conversation to facilitate connection
  • Encourage Innovation and Genius
  • Take a leadership role Transformation and Spirit worldwide

We are an opening to new possibilities and access to master spiritual teachers, trainers, coaches, and new connections with other successful people.

Every month, one of our Master trainers will lead a webinar for you on a particular distinction in leading a spiritually fulfilling life. The Concepts and Contexts will relate to the principles of universal law and how to win the game of life. We are excited to inspire and co-create the life we love.

Between sessions, we maintain continued engagement and support through various connections and interactions and life adventures. We invite you to come and join us in this most invigorating and fun experience